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Due to limited time working on this project this place is not intended to people who are new to scripting but much more for people who are already familiar with the VBS/WMI syntax.

Samstag, 7. August 2010

Concerts to check out in 2010

My advice on music events to check out within the rest of 2010

Limp Bizkit - Frankfurt, 31.08.2010

Danko Jones - Frankfurt, 29.10.2010

Crystal Castles - Berlin, 15.11.2010

Job for a Cowboy - Berlin, 20.11.2010

Interpol - Berlin, 20.11.2010

Gorillaz - Berlin, 21.11.2010

Kele (frontman of Bloc Party/Solo Tour) - Heidelberg, 29.11.2010